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Swede Original
Aqua Comfort Lubricant, 120 ml

Sku: 13037
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  • Water-based and pure formula
  • Effective and longlasting glide
  • Soft and silky-smooth feeling
  • pH-balanced and mild
  • Free from parabens & glycerine

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Product Description

Aqua Comfort Lubricant - Pure formula for astonishing pleasure!

Aqua Comfort is a lubricant with a fantastic and unique water-based formula that gives a longlasting effect, without stickiness. The feeling is soft and silky and no residue sticks to your skin after use.

The lubricant is free of parabens, glycerin and propylene-glycol which are commonly found in water-based lubricants. These are known to create unwanted reactions that irritate the skin. Glycerin, which is a sugar-alcohol, can nourish organisms that cause fungal infections.

With a low pH of 4.5, Aqua Comfort has the same pH as most women have in the genital area. The active ingredients are natural and the risk of irritation is minimal.

Aqua Comfort is easily washed off with soap and water. The lubricant can be used with all kinds of sextoys.


Brand: Swede
Lubricant base: Water
Scent: Neutral
Latex safe: Yes
Volume: 120 ml