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  • Swede Senze: Spiritual Massage candle, 150 ml
  • Swede Senze: Spiritual Massage candle, 150 ml

Swede Senze
Spiritual Massage candle, 150 ml

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  • Candle that turns into massage oil
  • Scent of grapefruit/palmarosa/petitgrain
  • Pure essential oils
  • 36 hours burning-time

Customer reviews

Product Description

Swede Senze Spiritual - Turns into a great massage oil!

Swede Senze Spiritual massage candle with a scent of grape/palmarosa/petitgrain is a warm and sensual wax-candle that makes you enjoy your love life more, with a lovely wax candle-massage.

This herbal aphrodisiac candle consists of a blend of natural waxes, butters, oils and extracts and the scents are carefully crafted with pure essential oils.

When you light the candle, the air is quickly filled with seductive scents of flowers, herbs and fruit. When the wax liquefies, it becomes a smooth, nourishing and moisturizing massage oil.

Leave the candle burning for 15-20 minutes, turn it off and then drizzle the warm wax oil directly onto the skin and massage. The top of the candle has an angle that makes it easy to pour out the wax oil without spilling. A candle has a burning time of around 36 hours.


Brand: Swede
Scent: Petitgrain, Palmarosa, Grapefruit
Volume: 150 ml