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  • System JO: Dona, Pheromone Perfume, Too Fabulous, 60 ml

System JO
Dona, Pheromone Perfume, Too Fabulous, 60 ml

Sku: 15897
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  • Feminine perfume with a fruity scent
  • Contains attracted pheromones
  • For a hot and erotic encounter

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Product Description

Too Fabulous - A fruity perfume to help you on your quest for erotic excitement.

This perfume with a luxurious and fruity scent is all you need when you are going on a date or a hot exciting and erotic encounter.

The perfume contains pheromones which are scientifically proven to affect how we are attracted to other people.

To achieve the best effect, you should apply the perfume to the places on the body where you have superficial blood vessels, such as the wrists, armpits, behind the ears, etc.


Brand: System JO
Color: Transparent
Texture: Light
Scent: Fruit
Perfumed: Yes
Volume: 60 ml