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  • Viamax: Sensitive Gel, 50 ml
  • Viamax: Sensitive Gel, 50 ml
  • Viamax: Sensitive Gel, 50 ml

Sensitive Gel, 50 ml

Sku: 15250
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  • Stimulating gel that increases sensitivity
  • The bloodvessels dilate for a warming sensation
  • Immediate effect that increases with each use

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Product Description

Viamax Sensitive Gel - For those of you who think you deserve a nicer moment.

Stimulating gel with the amino acid L-arginine, which regulates our bloodvessels so that they dilate and increase bloodflow.

Together with the other ingredients in Viamax Sensitive Gel, it increases your sensitivity and is therefore perfect for those who have difficulty achieving orgasm or want more sensitivity.

Apply on and around the clitoris and feel how the bloodflow increases and how the warming sensation during sex will give you a completely new form of pleasure.

The best thing about this product is that it has an immediate effect that increases after each use. You can safely use condoms with this product.

Important! Always apply the product according to the instructions.

The effect of this product varies for each individual and a certain result can never be guaranteed.


Brand: Viamax
Effect: Increased blood flow
Texture: Light
Scent: Neutral
Volume: 50 ml