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Tight Gel, 50 ml

Sku: 15249
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  • Gives an astringent effect
  • More sensitive and increased humidity
  • Phyroestrogen and ginseng extract
  • Also contains aphrodisiac herbs

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Product Description

Viamax Tight Gel - Perfect for those who want to get a tighter feeling.

Maybe you have given birth, or you just want to have a tighter experience during intercourse?

Ingredients such as phytoestrogen and ginseng-extract combined with aphrodisiac herbs create an astringent effect. The gel also makes you more sensitive and contributes to the natural moisture.

Apply an even layer along the vaginal walls. It takes about 15 minutes before the effect occurs, which makes Viamax Tight Gel perfect for foreplay. Enjoy a tighter vagina, more sensitive g-spot and stronger vaginal orgasms.

The product can be used together with a condom.

The effect of this product varies for each individual and a certain result can never be guaranteed.


Brand: Viamax
Effect: Tightening
Texture: Thick
Scent: Neutral
Volume: 50 ml