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XR Master Series
Intake, Anal Suction Device

Sku: 18766
In stock
  • Sensational anal-stimulation
  • Intensive suction air pressure
  • Turn for stronger pressure

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Product Description

Intake, Anal Suction Device - Sensational stimulation like nothing else you've tried!

This anal toy offers a different and sensational stimulus for those who dare.

When you place the opening over your anus, a suction air pressure is created. When you then turn the upper part to the right, the skin is pulled upwards and an intense pressure, which you have never experienced before, is created. The more you twist, the stronger it gets. To relieve the pressure, turn the upper part to the left.

The tube is transparent and allows you to see exactly what is happening.


Brand: XR Brands » Master Series
Color: Transparent
Material: ABS plastic
Surface: Smooth
Firmness: Hard
Diameter: 5,1 cm
Length: 10,2 cm